Durysta Implant for Glaucoma

The Durysta Implant may be a good treatment option for those burdened by the need for glaucoma eye drops.  In order to maintain the best control of glaucoma and prevent vision loss, many patients with glaucoma must be quite disciplined in their use of eye drops to maintain the proper eye pressure or Intraocular Pressure (IOP). For many, glaucoma laser treatment is often helpful in reducing or eliminating glaucoma eye drops but for others eye drop use is part of their daily routine several times each day. Recently a microscopic implant containing a glaucoma eye pressure medication was FDA approved to help glaucoma patients improve their quality of life by reducing the need for eye drops as well as ensuring better consistency and compliance and thus an exciting option for lowering IOP in the treatment of glaucoma and a step in the right direction to reducing blindness related to this common disease.

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